J Phillip White

I really like J Phillip White’s surrealistic photo manipulations. I first came across his stuff when I was doing

Returning to the Sea

Returning to the Sea by J Phillip White

 my Photography A-Level a few years ago in Norwich, it always stuck, because he made them in the traditional manner, with a razor blade, rather than with Photoshop. Something I admire in this day of digital.

An odd thing for a Digital Art student to be saying I’m sure, but I grew up around analogue photography, own quite a few analogue cameras (Hasselblad 500c/m, Nikon F100, Nikon Nikkormat, Nikon F1, Nikon FM1, Leica M4-2, etc) and still enjoy taking photos on these cameras.

There’s something quite mystical about it all, which is why I like his work, some of the pieces are really quite spectacular, and well worth checking out if you’re into surrealist art, I’ve posted a few below in a gallery, but it’s well worth checking out his Facebook page if you want to see more like it (and some really crazy stuff to boot).

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